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Chelsea, New England, 21. Passion and curiosity keep me on my toes.
My life is a never-ending series of adventures, lessons learned, outfit ideas and DIY projects.
I enjoy singing, writing, organization, science, and fresh perspectives.
This is a collection of the things that catch my focus. check out the things I find interesting, and check out my pinterest to get a feel for what I'm all about.

new tumblr!

I’ve decided to start from scratch and make a new tumblr. I’m going to focus more on writing, as well as take it in somewhat of a new direction. I probably won’t be checking up on this one anymore, so follow my new one if you’d like to!


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"You cannot be really first-rate at your work if your work is all you are."
Anna Quindlen's Short Guide to a Happy Life – her fantastic cancelled Villanova commencement address on work, joy, and how to live rather than exist. (via explore-blog)

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In case you’re having a bad day, meet Roo, the two-legged chihuahua, and Penny, the fluffy chicken, who just happen to be best friends. Both were rescued by Duluth Animal Hospital and now spend their days together.

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do you ever read old conversations you had with someone and realize how much more they used to be interested you and it makes you feel like complete shit because everything is different now and you can tell you’ve just lost that shine that got their attention in the first place

Yes and I hate this

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